1. Accelaration Programs

BUBA Accelaration Programs

We establish and conduct acceleration programs with our strategic partners since our foundation in 2014.

Our new acceleration program BUBA Campus.

BUBA Campus

Our new acceleration program BUBA Campus waits for its new entrepreneurs.

BUBA Campus which is an accelaration program located in a campus is at the center of Maslak started its activities in the ecosystem with numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs.

The Accelaration Programs We Established and Conducted 2014-2018

We organized tens of events free-of-charge for entrepreneurs with the Accelaration Programs we conducted. Some of the subject topics are: New Product Development & Management of Innovation, Intellectual Property Rights for Technology Entrepreneurs, Patent and Licensing, Branding Strategies and Brand Management, Digital Advertisement Strategies and SEM, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Advertisement Strategies, Pitching Traning, Silicon Valley and Tips for Taking Investment, Applied Techincal Cyber Security Training, Creating Informed Business Ideas and Validation Training, Introduction to Investments and New Research and Development Investments.

2. Angel Investing

We are one of the main organizations to which the qualified investors and rapidly growing early-phase investments turn to get financing for investment. BUBA, with its 70 accredited investors, is one of the network of angel investors with the largest portfolio of investors in Turkey.

A New Model in Angel Investment: BUBA Syndicate

We contributed to entrepreneurship and innovation management programs of many companies as a “program partner” since we are founded.

In 2019, we change over to the new investment model BUBA Syndicate.

Syndicate model aims at investing in higher amounts by creating micro funds.

BUBA-Syndicate addresses sophisticated investors who understand the risks such as lack of liquidity, lack of a dividend, loss of investment and dilution, and decide on their own.

BUBA Syndicates might be established for investing in a company as well as investing in diversified portfolios.

Syndicate model which will enable investing in a large portföy from early phase investments to companies in the phase before the initial public offering is realized. You can visit BUBA Syndicate for more information.

BUBA Mansion Investors Club

We have opened BUBA Mansion in December 2018 in Arnavutköy, which is the first investment club to bring angel investors together in Turkey.

BUBA Mansion provides an environment where investors can meet for “shared wisdom”, realize the investments to advance Turkey, and cooperate with investors from around the world.

Adopting a vision to share model implementations from various investors clubs in the world with investors, BUBA Mansion will provide an environment where investors and entrepreneurs can attend workshops and the selection of ideas can be shared in front of fireplace instead of elevator talks. Moreover, it presents a special experience of an art gallery to its guests and a zestful working environment to its staff with the valuable pieces of art.

3. Our Ventures

BCB Business Management Consultancy

BCB delivers business consultancy service to companies in the scope of their needs with its team of consultants consisting of Boğaziçi University Alumni who creates a difference with their industry-specific experience and its flexible and holistic business model accordant with the needs of the business world.

Selecting consultants who fit best to the corporate culture of the clients and building close liaison with them, BCB organizes teams consisting of experts in their fields in order to provide measurable and sustainable added-value.

TreeT BUBA Agriculture and Technologies

TreeT is an investment company in Agriculture and Agricultural Technologies. The aim of the investment is to include Agricultural Technologies which will shape the future of agriculture as well as conventional agriculture in the project which is implemented with 400 acres of almond garden and 270 acres of olive garden in Salihli district of Manisa.

The aim of TreeT is to contribute to the development of this economy by improving and cloning TreeT model via ensuring high rates of profit to the investors and creating added-value with technologies. The chances of the partnership continue, you can contact the team of TreeT.

4. Venture Capital Investment Funds

Bosphorist Technology Fund- TechinvestorsTR - PharmatechTR

The sectors where Bosphorist and TechinvestorsTR Venture capital investment funds invest in are E-commerce services, Agricultural Technologies, Finance Technologies, Internet of Things, Biotechnology, and Artificial Intelligence. PharmatechTR Venture capital investment fund established in 2019 will invest in the axis of health and medicine.

Bosphorist Technology Fund is a Venture capital investment fund established by the joint of forces between BUBA Ventures and İstanbul Portföy in 2017 based in İstanbul. Bosphorist Technology Fund whose main areas of expertise of the investments are E-commerce services, Agricultural Technologies, Finance Technologies, Internet of Things, Biotechnology, and Artificial Intelligence prioritizes investments in products working with B2B business models and SAAS. Bosphorist Technology Fund made its first investment in Metamorfoz who develops result-oriented innovative products and services in the fields of telecom, finance, and artificial intelligence last year.

Other Venture capital investment funds established in 2019 are:

TechInvestorsTR - PharmatechTR

5. Patent Valuation

In the last couple of years, considerable progress is made in making the culture of patent widely known among companies. Among them are an exemption from tax for the products produced by native patents, counting the patents which have valuation reports as corporate assets, permit for collateralizing patents for application to credit loans.

BUBA cooperates with companies in Turkey to enhance their portfolio of patents and marketization of their patents at the global level.

The service items of BUBA Patent Consultancy are:

Patent Valuation

Government Incentives Consultancy

Patent Commercialization Consultancy

Patent Purchase, Sales, Liscence Consultancy

Together with our business partner SGP Patent and Consultancy:

  We cooperate in the areas of enhancing the portfolio of patents and marketing the patents of companies in Turkey at the global level.

  Our vision is to ensure that the companies look beyond the borders.

  The companies who know how to look forward in line with their targets attain ideas, information and Technologies fast, thus they enrich the informationg flowing in the company, accelarate the rates of internal innovation and development. The innovations presented to the target market also increase the sales rates.

  The services delivered by patent:

  Analysis and evalutaion of patent/ intellectual proporties.

  Intellectual property rights.

  Licencing intellectual property rights and cash generation.

  Due diligence for intellectual properties,

  Strategic management of your intellectual property,

  Subjecting your intellectual property rights to financial, legal and other implementations,

  Tax adavantages and implementations of support and incentives regarding your intellectual properties

and includes all “Management of Intellectual Property Rights”.

6. Intrapreneurship

Intrapreneurship includes all actions ensuring that the staff in the company develops innovative ideas, Project designing these ideas and commercializing them at the end.

It is possible to observe considerable augmentation in performance of innovation of the companies implementing Intrapreneurship programs. The companies can introduce more products to the market and have an edge on rival companies.

Tailor-made Programs

BUBA contributed to the intrapreneurship and innovation management programs of several companies as a “program partner” since it was founded. The types of programs most- widely implemented in the companies are:

Intrapreneurship Program

Open Innovation Program

Accelaration Program

Incubation Program