In recent years, it has been remarkable progress in Turkey to ensure the spread of patent culture among companies. Among these advances there are some topics such as; tax exemption for incomes derived from products produced using domestic patents, to present the patents with valuation report among the company assets and to be able to show patents as collateral in loan applications.BUBA cooperates about enrichment and opening up to overseas markets of patents owned by the company of the patent portfolio of companies in Turkey.
BUBA's patent consulting service items include;

Patent Valuation

Government Incentives Consultancy

Patent Commercialization Consultancy

Patent Procurement, Sales, Licensing Consultancy

With our Business Partner SGP Patent and Consulting;

BUBA cooperates about enrichment and opening up to overseas markets of patents owned by the company of the patent portfolio of companies in Turkey.
Its vision is to provide companies looking beyond their borders.
Companies that know how to look ahead, reach their ideas, information and technology easily and quickly, thus increasing the information flowing into the company and accelerating the internal renewal and development rate. Innovations offered to the target market also increase sales rates.
Services that offered by patents
Analysis and evaluation of Patent / Intellectual property assets
Intellectual property rights management
Intellectual property rights (assets) licensing and cash generation
Due diligence for intellectual assets
Strategic management of your intellectual property assets,
Subjecting Intellectual Property Rights to financial, legal and other transactions,
Tax benefits related to Intellectual Property Assets and support and incentive practices and covers.
all Intellectual Property Rights.

Organizations that We Serve

National / international large companies,
R&D Centers
Investor Companies
Patent Attorneys


It includes all works that enable the company employees to develop innovative ideas, to project these ideas and eventually to commercialize them.

There is a significant increase in innovation performance of the companies that are implemented these Intrapreneurship programs. Thanks to these programs, companies are able to launch more new products and thus gain competitive advantage.

Sony's PlayStation, 3M's post-it product, and Google's Gmail service are including among the successful outcomes of in-house entrepreneurship programs implemented in the world. There are some large-scale companies such as Akbank, Anadolu Group, LcWaikiki in Intrapreneurship program implements firms in Turkey.

Successful outputs include Finansbank's service, Anadolu Park's Park & Fly service.

Her Special Program for Each Company

Since its inception, BUBA has contributed to the entrepreneurship and innovation management program of many companies as a program partner.The most commonly used program formats in companies are as follows:

In-House Entrepreneurship Program

Open Innovation Program

Acceleration Program

Incubation Program

Since its founding, BUBA contributed tp many entrepreneurship and innovation managemnt programs as "program partner". We specify these program formats that are mostly used in companies: