BUBA is an institution qualified applicant in order to ensure that entrepreneurs and early-stage financing of investment initiatives that rapid growth in Turkey.With 70 accredited investors, BUBA is one of the angel investment networks which has Turkey's largest investor portfolio.

BUBA started its activities in 2014, T.C. The Prime Ministry is accredited as the Private Participation Investor Network of the Undersecretariat of Treasury and is a member of the European Angel Investment Trade Organization (EBAN). also, the BUB, Turkey Angels Investors Association (TBAE) is located in the Board of Directors.

T. C. angel to encourage entrepreneurships activities in Turkey Under the leadership of the Undersecretariat of the Treasury, various legislation was enacted. The people who fulfill the criteria determined by the Undersecretariat of Individual Participation Investors as being accredited for 5 years and their investments in initiatives that are established in Turkey to obtain various tax benefits in return. BUBA, T.C. Prime Ministry Undersecretariat of Treasury has been accredited as an Individual Participation Investor Network (BKY) Network with the decision no. BUBA supports its members in the management and licensing of related accreditation processes.

New Model in Angel Investment: BUBA Syndicate

In 2018, BUBA moves to the new investment model BUBA-Syndicate to promote innovation and increase its economic impact.

Since its inception, BUBA has contributed to the entrepreneurship and innovation management program of many companies as a den program partner B. The most commonly used program formats in companies are as follows:

With the Syndicate model, it is aimed to be able to invest in higher amounts by creating micro funds.

BUBA-Syndicate will focus on sophisticated investors who understand the risks such as lack of liquidity, lack of dividends, loss of investment and dilution and make their own investment decisions.

BUBA Syndipers can be built to invest in a single company or invest in a diversified portfolio.

The Syndicate model, which will offer the opportunity to invest in a wide portfolio from early-stage initiatives to IPO companies, will soon be implemented.

You can reach us for the Investor Pre-Request.