Since its establishment in 2014, BUBA has established and managed acceleration programs with strategic partners.

Offers for Entrepreneurs with Acceleration Programs:

In the first two years of its establishment, it organized more than 40 free training courses to feed the entrepreneurial ecosystem.Some of these topics include:

New Product Development & Innovation Management
Intellectual Property Rights, Patent and Licensing for Technology Entrepreneurs
Branding Strategies and Brand Management BUBA 402 - Digital Advertising Strategies and SEM
Affiliate Marketing Strategies
Social Media Promotion Strategies and Social Media Reputation Management
Pitching Training
Silicon Valley and Secrets of Investment
Applied Technical Cyber Security Training
Conscious Business Idea Creation and Verification Training
Incentives for Incentives and New R & D Incentives

BUBA also hosted numerous training and entrepreneurial activities through its Acceleration Programs.Incubation support was provided to 43 enterprises through acceleration programs.More than 3,000 interventions were evaluated by 2018. 16 of these initiatives met with the investment.