BUBA Business Angels; finds innovative projects on our lands and provides them with funding and management support.These initiatives are becoming a company that accompanies them as they turn into companies that create added value.

BUBA, was established in March 2014, targets to support the implementation of successful business plans, to add value to the enterprises, to bring the initiatives together with investors,to support investors with the educational activities they organize, to create an environment in which investors can exchange ideas and experiences,contributing to the culture of transparency in the investment environment,to raise awareness of the roles played by private investments in the business world.

BUBA started its work by establishing a university-based angel investor network and specialized in the development of initiatives for the ecosystem.

Today, the extent of the progress of countries is directly proportional to how productive and innovative they are.

Innovation depends on the creation of basic knowledge through both education and science.An education system that performs well and covers a wide audience facilitates the adoption and diffusion of innovation.

In addition to the strong science and technology infrastructure, social skills such as entrepreneurship capability, communication ability, and adaptability skills also make significant contributions to innovation.

Considering these, we have always been proud of our establishment based in Boğaziçi University.Boğaziçi University creates an environment in which entrepreneurial candidates in our country can grow thanks to world-renowned research and development activities as well as bringing the student in social skills.

BUBA has been accredited as Individual Participation Investor by the decision and date numbered 2015/22 and 11 January 2015 of the T.R. Prime Ministry Undersecretariat of Treasury and is a member of Europe Business Angels Network. BUBA, at the same time, ranks among the Board of Management of Turkey Business Angels Association.

BUBA, with its strategic partners, establishes and manages programs for initiatives, and brings together the investments it has made with investments. BUBA provides companies with an innovative vision through in-house entrepreneurship programs. At the same time, the company provides consultancy on the placement of patented technologies.

The BUBA subsidiary Boğaziçi Counseling for Business (BCB) works with the power of the bridge between Boğaziçi University and its alumni to support institutions in the areas they need and to enrich them with innovative thoughts.

BUBA Ecosystem